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Siddis Brass

European Brass Band


About us

Oslo Brass Band is a new and exciting ensemble. Since it was founded in 2001, the band has provided an inspiring performance arena for Oslo’s music teachers, freelancers, music students and talented amateurs. The members of the band are all excellent musicians. Most have a music education and work in the music business in the Oslo area.

Oslo Brass Band has competed at the Norwegian Brass Band Championships every year since 2002, and their climb to the Elite Division has taken just 7 years. The result of their debut in Norway’s highest division was a fantastic 2nd place in 2009. The band also competes at the entertainment contest, Siddis Brass in Stavanger each year where their best result is a 3rd place in 2007.

The board:
Terje Solbakken - chairman
Solveig Eikemo Andersen - secretary
Clare Farr - treasurer
Anders Brasetvik - member
Børge Styve - member
Jan Arne Stavik Karlsen - member
Ragnhild Nødland - member

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