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Andreas Hanson


Andreas Hanson was born 1969 in the city of Malmö in a family with strong musical traditions among others through the Salvation Army. After studies in the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, the trumpet and conducting classes, Andreas Hanson did his military service in 1989 as a solo cornet and assisting conductor in the Army Music Platoon. In 1999 he was employed as the solo trumpet player of the Stockholm Wind Symphony Orchestra. The same year he also studied the trumpet in New York for Philip Smith, solo trumpeter of the New York Philharmonics. At the same time Andreas Hanson had temporary employments at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Stockholm.

1992 Andreas Hanson was awarded the 1st prize in the Swedish Wind Conductor Competition and was subsequently employed as a conductor by the Stockholm Wind Symphony Orchestra.

During his study time, Andreas Hanson conducted professional and amateur orchestras all over Sweden and 1995 he studied in London mainly with Sir Andrew Davis at the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Andreas Hanson attended the work of Sir George Solti, Christoph von Dohnanyi and Danielle Gatti at the Royal Opera House in London and in autumn 1995 he started studies with Carlo Maria Giulini in Milano stressing the Italian opera and orchestral repertoire.

During his study time, Andreas Hanson was awarded with the Royal Music Academy´s big scholarship for foreign studies twice. He was also awarded the Crusell prize for young Swedish conductors in 1999.

Andreas Hanson is the music director of the Music Corps of the Marine´s, IGOR Sinfonietta and Opera at the fort.

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